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" recently came out with a list of top three Google search Kentucky web design firms. They are Makespace, UR2 Creative and RB Design Studio. These Kentucky website Company possess qualities that set them apart from other web designers.


On's first list of Kentucky website company is Makespace. Makespace is based in Louisville, Kentucky providing all aspects of web design and marketing including full website design, website creation, website graphics, content management solutions, web programming, database creation, search engine optimization and more. This web design firm is comprised with highly competent specialists, from web designers, web programmers to illustrators and graphic designers. Completing their team are professional photographer, videographer, an advertising consultant and a search engine optimization specialist. No matter how big or small your web design project is, Makespace can create cost-effective and custom websites that will work for you and your target market. Makespace can also develop a website that is search engine friendly which can drive qualified traffic to your website. To ensure that you get the perfect website for your business, Makespace offers “Unlimited Revision” and upfront pricing so that there is no risk involved. Many online website design firms may offer cheaper rates to you. Do not be deceived because those website designs are usually from the run-of-the-mill website designs. They are simply templates or generic websites designs that represent several types of businesses. What sets Makespace apart from other Kentucky web design firms is their ability to offer customized campaigns to suit each business' unique needs on time and just within your budget. Having been chosen by notable clients to overhaul their websites is real testament to Makespace' capabilities. As long as there are customers, Makespace will continue to set the standard in the web design and development.

1860 Mellwood Ave, Suite 122,
Louisville, KY, 40206

UR2 Creative

Next in line is UR2 Creative. This Lexington, Kentucky website company is known for creating dramatic, one-of-a-kind, custom-built, and eye popping websites. UR2 Creative Website Firm offers a wide variety of web designs service offerings which include flash animation, Internet Marketing, Internet Services, web development and more. Throughout the years, UR2 has been honored by ADDY Awards for their unique and vibrant websites designs. Their highly competent specialists, from web designers, web programmers to graphics designers are 100% committed to providing high quality web design and development at a price you can afford. They establish an extremely honest and hardworking relationship with clients. These website designs professionals can help you develop the best solutions and strategy for your websites regardless of the size of your company or the product/service it offers. Furthermore, to ensure that your business needs are being met, Kentucky's UR2 Creative website company will add creative input into the web design project. At UR2 Creative Website Firm, their aim is to provide the best online experience for the target market and will stand out among competition. So if you have something in mind for your website project, UR2 Creative in Kentucky will be more than happy to share their world class and award winning website designs styles.

UR2 Creative
821 Ridgefield Rd
Lexington, Kentucky 40555-4463

RB Design Studio.

Third on's list is RB Design Studio. This Kentucky web design firm has designed websites for businesses and organizations in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and of course Kentucky. RB Design Studio offers a wide range of web site design and development services which include web site design and development, web site maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, graphic design, shopping carts, blogs, calendars and so much more. RB Design Studio provides these website design services for businesses, churches, realtors, ministries, musicians and more. This website company is among the many Kentucky website Company that is qualified to make search engines submissions. Their own website is a real testament of how they can optimize a website for you. Since 1998, RB Design Studio has been servicing and marketing websites. This Kentucky website firm offers virtual home tours for realtors that will surely help sell their web design listings. RB Creative Studio is named after Rhonda Bartlett, the president and web designer. Rhonda has been designing websites since 1997 with great deal of success in the area of Search Engine Optimization. RB Design Studio is comprised with highly competent web designers, custom database programmers and web developers. RB Design Studio uses many subcontractors when necessary to complete the job at hand.

RB Design Studio
4750 Hartland Parkway, Suite 248 Lexington, Kentucky 405

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